Photography and Orange

Polaroid and Orange LionThought I’d get ahead on my deco signing! A very simple Polaroid design for a photography deco, and a lion for an orange monochromatic book.

These aren’t my favourite pieces, but they’re done and ready to go. I’m second-guessing the outline along the side of the lion’s face now. Blah.

I’m also working on a piece from a workshop with Shiloh Sophia and Amy Ahlers. Anyhow, it was about Big Ideas vs Structure, and allowing yourself to dream your big dreams instead of always needing to confine them. It mixed with the chaos of the lunar eclipse in Aquarius for me, and navigating those rough waters. I can choose my dream if I want to, simple as that. But what do I want? That’s the core question, and the root of what is leaving me adrift.

I decided that it’s called The Dream and the Chaos. It’s living in my Cosmic Smashbook.

The Dream and the Chaos by IceKat

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