More Drawlloween

Drawlloween2017 batch2Here is my second batch of cards: #3 Tombsday, #6 Folklore Friday–Banshee, #7 Cobweb Crawler, #8 Deep Sea Denizens–Anglerfish.

Looking for references for the spider wasn’t my favourite thing… I really don’t like them at all. I do admit that the… peacock spiders I think they’re called, those are interesting. I just don’t want to be near one.

The Banshee reminds me of the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who, when they get right up in your face. LOL It was even more apparent when this card just had a grey wash.


Drawlloween2017 batch3#9 Fanged Fiends, cat; and #14 Owl Be Back.

Because of course I had to do a cat. And the owl isn’t meant to be any specific kind, just a random owl-shaped owl.

Total so far: 10

Yay! I qualified for the first badge for the challenge!

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