#octBOSchallenge Jack O LanternsSo I’m in the midst of a 5 Day #octBOSchallenge from @gypsywytchdiariesI learned about it on YouTube, and I’m certainly a sucker for challenges that help me get things done. I’ve never had trouble getting autumn pages done, but not so much spring and summer. I really need a challenge for those seasons to get my witchy journal filled.

Day 1: Jack O’Lanterns.
This page is a reminiscence of Halloween with my mom when I was little. I love pumpkin seeds to this day. Unfortunately, store bought seeds tend to be too salty for me.

#octBOSchallenge What is a Witch?Day 2: What is a Witch?
Here I just wrote about some of the things that matter to me as a pagan. I missed out a lot, but this is a topic that has filled books, let alone pages. I might revisit this topic later to help fill out the things I neglected here.

The image here is based on my #witchsona, such as it is. The cats are Parsa, Poet (Noosh), and Pixie. And naturally my wand is a paintbrush!

I quiet like how this came out over all. The splatters do make it harder to read on a screen, but in person the colours are more distinct.

#octBOSchallenge GhostsDay 3: Do You Believe in Ghosts?
Yeah… I’m not sure. I believe in the possibility of ghosts, just like I believe in the possibility of aliens or life on other planets.

I DO believe in other planes of existence, but not necessarily that the entities there are versions of humans after (or before, for that matter) they’ve passed on from here.

Scary ghosty movies are pretty great, as you can tell from my Asian ghost girl on this page. I do love creepy things. I’m pretty sure I don’t want them inhabiting my house, though…


#octBOSchallenge Third Harvest Day 4: Third Harvest Thoughts
This one needed a spread to itself. It’s been a hard, hard year emotionally but things are finally looking up. Partly because I’m ready for it now. **Deep breath and sigh of relief.**

I just painted the background and added stickers of autumn leaves so I could focus on the content this time more than the decoration of the page.

#octBOSchallenge Shadow WorkBonus: There was a video posted talking about shadow work and integration there of, so I did a bonus page just in case it was the Day 5 prompt. It was not.

I don’t mind because I needed to think about this, about how far I’ve come and what I’ve learned. Sometimes things like this are a happy accident. Sometime things need to be articulated again to oneself.

Therapy really has helped. Yes, I could tell myself all these things, but hearing it from someone else is validating. Because who am I to give permission, you know what I mean? It’s rough.

#octBOSchallenge Life CycleDay 5: Yes the real Day 5. It’s all about the cycle of Life, Death, and Rebirth.

Because I was in nature so much as a kid, I sort of took it for granted as a teen when I began exploring Wicca and women’s spirituality. The deities really appealed to me and Cernunnos particularly struck me. I was watching a lot of Robin of Sherwood, and the character of Herne the Hunter was pretty intriguing.

Anyhow, that’s it. I’m done. Looking forward to more of these challenges.

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