Doctor Who Lands at Etsy

Also in my pile of half-done projects were these cute Doctor Who themed travelers notebooks. They’re in my Etsy shop now…

First is a galaxy TARDIS passport sized travelers notebook. I am avoiding doing specific Doctors because keeping up with everyone’s faves would just be a royal pain! So the TARDIS is nicely non-specific.

I love this galaxy background! It also came from Shutterstock, and has a painterly look up close, with some canvas weave showing through. The closure has a wee ring of keys on it.

The booklets are decorated to match, and the folder (not shown here) is also a galaxy design and is packed with goodies as usual. The dashboard is made from a shot of the night sky in purply tones that I love, and it goes with the colours in the galaxy paper.

I even made some paperclips with sparkly blue fibers on them for my Doctor Who books, and they will include some cutouts of various related journaling cards that are just a gift from me to the buyer.

Did I mention that I love that dashboard paper? 😀

The second of these is another upcycled hardcover book, decorated to emulate River Song’s journal. Well, I did my best, anyhow. It has a real key clipped to the closure, which you can move to the spine if you prefer.

Spoilers, sweetie!

This one is standard sized, with a little space for tabs (which are included, of course).

This one has one insert, a folder, a dashboard like the one above, and the usual goodies loaded into the folder pockets. Most of the items aren’t shown here.

For more images of each of these travelers notebooks, prices, and more details, head over to my Etsy shop and have a browse.

Watch for upcoming sales!

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