Filling up Etsy

With the holidays coming up, I figured I better get a bunch of new stock in my shop! I’ve had so many travelers notebooks on the go, there are a bunch taking up space in my work area. So here are the first two headed to the shop…

First is a little passport sized Moon Witch book, based on my own artwork. It has 2 inserts, and a secondary theme of bats to decorate the folder and one of the booklets. I really like it a lot, because witchy bats for the win! Since taking this photo, I added a little clear dangle bead like a crystal ball, which hangs from the closure elastic.

There’s a silver metal spiral in the bottom right corner, which I originally had hanging on the elastic… but it didn’t want to stay there. I really wanted it for this book, so I stuck it on instead. 🙂


The background paper is a Shutterstock download, which I thought was cute. The second photo shows some of the included goodies. I say ‘some’ because I keep going back and adding things, like decorative paperclips, dashboards, and whatnot. I am in LOVE with the paper on the booklet with the gold bats and stars and moon. I need to make myself one, just because. <3

The second TN is a deluxe, and it’s made from a thick, old Reader’s Digest hardcover. I left the cover as-is, stains and all because it just looks so vintage (it is!). I covered the spine because I just prefer not to have book titles there when I make these. There’s a butterfly on the elastic closure. Anyhow, this whole thing has a pretty floral theme that looks lovely for a wedding/handfasting planner, or maybe a gardening planner.

I call this one deluxe because I’ve added 3 booklets, a folder, a dashboard, and tons of tabs, tags, clips, and other goodies. You can see the folder in this second image:

For more images of each of these travelers notebooks, prices, and more details, head over to my Etsy shop and have a browse.

Watch for upcoming sales!

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