New TNs in the Shop

Unicorn standard TN frontI added a couple new pieces to the Etsy shop for the Black Friday sale, going on until the end of the month. These went up on Monday, but I only now got to posting them here.

I knew I wanted to make something kind of girly and cute, and unicorns seem to be popular. I didn’t have any decent art in my files, so I painted a new watercolour piece specifically for this project.

This one has a piece from one of the bracelets I showed in my last post as a dangle on the elastic closure.

The second TN has been hanging around here for a while waiting to be finished. It just kept sliding to the bottom of the pile.

Peacock cahier TNIt has a real dyed peacock feather on the cover, sealed with gel medium to keep it in place. It has a resin-y finish now, and glitter in the gel medium because… honestly, some glitter got loose from a shaker pocket project and I needed somewhere to put it. lol

This one has one of my handmade boho charms as the closure dangle. I had to take 2 stabs at the folder because the first one went crumply inside, but the second one has a bit of bubbling on the outside. Ugh. Trying to make friends with my laminator is work.

So, today I sold the Kodama TN, and will be making it a dashboard and extra tags before it heads out the door. Some of the first books don’t have all the goodies, so that will be a weekend project for me.

I’m really happy it is finding a home. 🙂

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