A Few Little Projects

clips and shaker ornamentsI’ve been making pretty paper clips for my travelers notebooks, which can act as bookmarks since they have ribbon clusters sticking off them. I really like them, so I clipped a bunch around an envelope to show them off. I’m trying to find materials to get most of the colours in, but I need to go through my ribbon box to accomplish this. Each clip has 2-3 layers of ribbon to make the fluffy tail. This is what I have so far. Most of the blue ones went into the TARDIS notebooks already, so there’s only a single one on the bottom right. Found some light blue ribbon for in the next round, when I get the ambition to climb up and get that box of ribbons. I also have a whole bin of random wools and fibers I should dig into…

Secondly, I got a die for making shaker tags. Some of those are in the middle. I did a few in Christmas colours too, but those went into the gift packages before this picture happened. Alas! And I did a fox one for Phrixy. They’re kind of fun, but it takes 5 layers of chipboard to get the thickness. Good for recycling old packaging at least. I have some more dies on order with different shaped windows, and I really want to try those out. They’re taking forever to arrive though!

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