Halloween was so much fun, I decided to join the Gypsy Witch Diaries December BOS challenge. I’ve actually also got Molly Roberts’s 12 Ghosts challenge at the same time, so hopefully I can keep up!

The first theme is Light in the Darkness. I wrote about the Great Ice Storm from a few years ago, and how we lost all heat and power, and Phrixy and I got REALLY sick with bronchitis. Never have I been so grateful to have those things, and medicine, as when Mom took us to her place for Christmas for a couple days. When we got home the power was back on, but we’d lost all the food we’d just bought from the fridge being dead. A big tree split nearly in half out front of our building. It’s still alive but I think about it whenever I see it.

The ice storm really put winter into perspective for me, and I’m grateful for modern conveniences that keep us alive in the depths of the cold.

Rebirth of the SunRebirth of the Light: My page for day 2 comes from a couple places. Our temple has a tradition of drumming up the sun after holding a vigil during the longest night. Some of us go to a local beach, make a little fire, and sing, drum, tell stories. But also, our belief that the sun will return after the longest night is important because it extends to the idea that even after our darkest times the light can return to our lives as well. The light will come back, and it will increase. Things will grow brighter. <3

Day 3 gift givingDay 3: Gift Giving.

I love gifts. I love finding the perfect thing. I love making gifts for others. I love surprises, no matter how big or small.

I have a new appreciation for the concept of abundance, and how it can exist even in poor conditions. The spirit of generosity can bloom just from giving what you can, and having faith that what you give will return to you threefold, and that the universe will provide. You just need to ask for what you need, and what you want, with an openness of heart.

Day 4 evergreenDay 4: Evergreen, Life Everlasting

I don’t like to cut trees and flowers generally, unless for more than just decorative reasons. But I remember the smell of cold and pine when we brought the tree into the house as a kid, and that felt like Christmas was really coming. The tree, once it was up and decorated and lit, was something made completely of magic back then. It was a promise that Santa was coming.

Nowadays, I sort of see the tree (real or fake) as a sort of altar, with icons and lights, and the gifts beneath are offerings to the ones we love.

Day 5 wreathDay 5: Wreaths

I’m all for the whole circle symbolism of life-death-rebirth, but I have to confess that I’m generally not into decorating with wreaths. My mom, she’s a master of wreaths (or used to be, at her old house). It’s just not my thing. I decorate my door with banners and signs, most often. My “Believe” sign is up almost constantly.

But with this page, I’m done the challenge for December’s BOS pages. I’m thinking I might do something about the Yule goat on the other side of the wreath page, just so it’s complete and can be put into my book.

That’s it. That’s all!

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