#12PaperClipsOf2018 Challenge

Jan Paperclips Making MagicWe’re supposed to do our clips around the month that the prompt is for, otherwise I’m sure I’d be mostly done the year’s worth by now! In any case, January’s prompt was to use your word of the year. Mine is Magic. I wanted to try making banner clips, which go on the side of your paper rather than the top. I like how these came out, a lot!

The kitty shapes are from a die I got on Aliexpress, which I then outlined with gold gel pen. The red dots are bling I picked up at the dollar store around Christmas, also outlined with gold gel pen.


Feb Paperclips Kimono GirlsSkidding in at the end of the month with my February paper clips! Full disclosure, I got the idea from a die I saw on Aliexpress, but I don’t have the die, so I drew/painted my own kimono girls and added hearts in their hands. 

I’ll just continue to add my new clips in batches to this blog, not to this particular post, since it’s not a short challenge.

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