Inking at Albert’s

It’s stinkin’ hot today, but Daniela dragged me down to Albert’s, a Jamaican restaurant at the end of the street. She wanted to use their wifi to update her phone, and I took the opportunity to work on inking the sketches I’ve started for Whimsical Cats vol 2.

I had the jerk chicken salad, which was great, and we both had an Irish moss to drink. Their rum cake is… very rummy. Very. LOL

In any case, I did manage to ink up 8 of the pages I had brought, so that’s about a third of the book done! I’m happy with that progress. I need to do up more sketches to take to one of my usual haunts to push this forward more while I have some momentum. 🙂 I really like how it’s all coming out so far.

I’m using Micron pens, if anyone is curious about my tools.

I don’t have any pictures of me working on art, so I got Daniela to snap a couple while we were there. Check out my new glasses, eh. I’m not fond of them, but it really helped me see what I was doing, so I’m not going to complain I guess. I’ll have to get her to take more so that I can find some photos I like for OFFICIAL USE. Ha.

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