Blessed Samhain and Breaking Limiting Beliefs

I was invited to join a Facebook group with some writer friends about smashing our limiting beliefs surrounding creativity. So we’ve spent the month noting what they are, how they came about, and so on. Being the list maker I am, I also made strategies for coping or negating them, not just figuring out their opposite or ‘medicine.’ Because I’m into figuring out an action plan, not just placating myself.

I am feeling in my power tonight, and ready to take on the world. A friend of mine was very unsupportive about all this the other day when she asked me about it, and in explaining it all, I found myself feeling ferocious and determined and ready to take it all on. Yes, I’m spending this time healing, but I’m also creating the stepping stones to entrepreneurship. I know that as a creative it can take multiple income streams to support oneself, but that doesn’t mean falling back on a ‘day job’ to support the rest. It means working hard and carefully putting things into place so that all the drops collect and fill your bucket.

So tonight as I welcome my beloved dead, my ancestors, and those the world has wronged, I also burn my limiting beliefs and step through the fire and into my power. I will not give up. I am strong. I will make this happen. I recognize the amount of work I can handle right now, and I know it is building up to what I need; that is not the same thing as struggling.

Also, here’s my pork and pumpkin stew, made for my Samhain meal with my guests. It was yummy!

To do: 

  • Take out my offerings
  • Burn my list of limiting beliefs
  • Wash off the negatives and anything clinging from the previous year, and have a relaxing soak
  • Prep for NaNoWriMo, starting tomorrow
  • List my top unfinished projects to complete by the calendar year’s end
  • List the ‘hard’ things I need to attend to (KDP print, CafePress decisions, etc)
  • Photograph and list the TNs I have ready for Etsy, post those suckers! And make my Black Friday coupons for Etsy
  • Update the lists as I go!
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