100 Days up to Day 47

I really got behind on my record keeping for this project. I’ve been making notes on my tracking sheet when I remember. I’m at day 45, so far as I can tell. I did the Lifebook Summit, and I’m counting that. On the left is one of the guided activities, and since I love making feathers… there it is. Some things I just made notes about so I can do it when I’m puttering around with nothing specific to do. I also recorded a lot of quotes in my notebook, related to healing trauma through art and things like that. I’ve been working on that a lot lately, and I’ve come to the realization that healing is my part time job, and creating stepping stones to my own creative business is my other job. They are equal right now, because that’s what I need.

I also did a LOT of stamping and die cutting for myself and as a gift to my mom’s friend. This is just an example picture of the stamping. Included are some tea dyed index cards that I stamped to include with pagan ephemera packs like the ones I showed previously. I really like the look.

The pumpkin spice drinks in the bottom right are for a TN project I’m nearly finished. I just need to do some colouring and finishing up.

The die cuts you see are for card making, for my mom’s friend. The ones in the pack in the background have been stamped with sentiments so that she doesn’t have to just cut them out from the white backgrounds I send otherwise. I think they’re nice, so I hope she finds them useful! I tried to make them in a lot of different colours to suit different projects. 

The stamping and die cutting shown here are just part of several days of each.

I did a couple days of intense writing in preparation for NaNoWriMo, and my novel (3rd in the Lupercalia: Sanctuary series), Black Dog. No photos of that. I just hung out at Tim’s and belted it out. I’ll post pictures of the renovation at some point.

And the last thing I did lately is the mummer ornament for my mom’s Christmas gift. I have more things coming by mail, and more things hopefully to make, but I wanted to send this and other things out while Canada Post was having the free shipping special within Canada! She likes mummers, and I found the ornament at Dollarama, so BAM! I hung a cute red Christmas bell from the bottom, too. I’ll call this one Day 47.


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