Christmas Gifties

So, because Canada Post offered free Tuesday shipping within Canada, I needed to make some things for Mom’s birthday and for Christmas. Here are a couple things I sent along to her.

First I made these greeting cards, based on some popular photos and art I’ve seen online lately. I think the first one with the green background is my favourite, though I love the starscapes on all of them.

These are all acrylic on kraft card, and include matching kraft envelopes. Quite nice to work on.

Next is a surname sign they can hang wherever works for them, since they have high winds living in Newfoundland near the water. It could be screwed right onto a fence or door, if desired. I think that might keep it safe. Otherwise it can hang inside.

The lighthouse is a real one (though with fewer outbuildings) from Newfoundland, but I can’t remember the exact name and location.

Last of all, some adorable gnome ornaments made from felt and fun fur. I saw a bunch of these online too, but wanted something smaller and easy to display rather than the larger sock plushies I was coming across. So I drew myself a pattern and sewed them up, lickity split!

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