Inktober Start

So I decided I need to do more drawing as my skills are feeling rusty. Inktober would be perfect, right?

Naturally I’m a little behind, because there’s always so much to do even when you work from home. I had a couple editing clients in the middle of it all, but that’s good, right? I picked and chose my prompts from several lists I found, so that I could be working on things I’d like instead of feeling frustrated.

So these are a Midnight Unicorn, a Sugar Skull, an Elf Queen, and Cattitude.

I also needed to draw a couple characters from a future book I’m writing, because the image to me of a busted-nose bouncer type bodyguard looking after a 3 year old Genomo kid seemed adorable. So say hi to Sasha and Bijoux, who is the daughter of Hyacinth.

Yeah, the perspective is a little wonky, but at least I got it out of my head and onto the page. I’ll try to re-do it some time when I have the attention to spend.

So I haven’t continued with my drawings as yet, but I did record all my prompts so I can mess with it when I feel in the mood to take it up again.

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