Boho Feathers

paper boho feathersBoho feathers, made with paper, gold wire, real feather fluffs, and bling. Some may get some sting and beads, we’ll see. The two ‘owl’ feathers on the left are for my Starless Sea projects, and the design was done in watercolour on regular copy paper.

I was introduced to these in a boho journal group, and I just love them! These go into journals for an extra dab of pretty.

So, the Starless Sea project… I read Erin Morgenstern’s new book recently and fell madly in love with the world of secret libraries, magic doors, beeswax, honey, keys, swords, owl kings, and so on. I just new I had to make at least one (but probably more) journals celebrating that world. So watch out for more creations for this project. It’ll likely take me a while to put it all together, since there’s a lot to do. 😀

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