Donations for St Vincent de Paul

I made a couple of travelers notebook journals to donate to a church fundraiser coming up. Not my usual style, but they help to use up papers I wouldn’t normally use. So it works out for me! Honestly, if I had an unending supply of hardcovers to cannibalize, I’d make more random donations like this because it costs me very little to help out. One more masculine, one very pink and fluffy-ish. I only got a photo of the blue one’s cover, but I have a few of the pink one’s interior.

This first one in blue has one booklet inside, with two elastics. There’s a matching folder with ephemera, and pockets inside the front and back covers for more tags and such.

The cover has burlap under the main image for a bit of texture. Inside, there are pages with positive words and home/family vibes.


The pink book… I actually really like it even though I’m not so much into pink for myself. I love how the boho feather looks on there. The washi tape on the stem isn’t actually what holds it on, but I thought it added a little something. There are touches of gold throughout the papers in this one, which is kinda nice.

This book has four elastics, two booklets, a folder with ephemera, and pockets on the front and back interior covers.


This is the interior front cover and first booklet. That pink paperclip has a charm on it, and you can see the tags and such in the pocket.




This is the back of the first booklet and front of the second.  Another paperclip with a charm. See, this paper collection is very pink and girly. LOL But that’s okay. I used a bunch of it for my Starless Sea project, so this is a good use for the rest…



This is the inside of the folder, along with the ephemera: tags, sayings, etc. I included a date book with both TNs, because I had them on hand and they’re approaching expiration. Better to have them get some use, I say!



And lastly, this is the back of the folder, and the inside of the back cover. I used the big butterfly as a tuck spot, which I did in the blue book also. I kinda like it now that I started doing that. The envelope has a wrap-around string closure, and is made from the page of strips that comes with most paper pads lately.

And that’s it for now. I hope these TNs help raise lots of money for their programs. I had fun putting them together. 🙂

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