My First Challenge Entry

Vintiquities on YouTube is hosting a Halloween birthday challenge. I’ve always thought October 13th is the second best birthday to have, so she’s super lucky! lol

So, this is my entry. I’m not expecting anything to come of it, but it was fun to work on something pastel-oween for her.

This is a loaded paper bag with all sorts of handmade goodies. I think the most fun was making the teddy bears from Halloween papers, though the whole project was fun. This is the bag loaded up. I used ghosty paper for the bag. The paper pad I used is called Pinkaboo, from Michaels last year or the year before.

This is the bag unpacked with all the goodies. There’s a custom sequin mix for Halloween, pastel-oween recipe/rolodex cards, little note cards, 2 decorated paper clips (still on the bag), lots of die cuts and stuff from the paper pad. And the purple skellie on the far right. In the treat bag are a bunch of different gem and such stickers that go with the theme.

And the last photo shows the back of the bag, with the cute Day of the Dead skull, also from the Pinkaboo pad. There’s also a little wooden box of wooden Halloween cutouts that can be painted for any colour scheme.
So, the package is on its way! I know I have a lot to learn in terms of layering and such, but I’ll be studying all the entries to up my game for next year.

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