Difficult Times

Sept. 9th I lost my mother to cancer. By the time it was caught, she’d already had treatments for a tumor in her uterus, and a bunch in her brain, but there was much more. COVID-19 contributed to delays in care, especially since she and her husband lived in rural Newfoundland.

I didn’t get to see her for the 5 years since she moved, but we talked several times a week. I don’t know what to do with my feelings about all this, for reasons.

And then Noosh (Poet) fell ill and within a week she passed, on the morning of Sept. 25th. I can’t believe that little personality is just gone from the world. I never got around to producing the Noosh books. It feels too late, and yet… I promised. It has to happen. I miss her every moment, and I can’t stop crying. We had her cremated, and her box and other items are on the Bast shrine.

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