October Stuff

Just some simple things I put together for two October challenges. Both asked for decorated bags with seasonal goodies inside.

This first one was returned to me by the post as undeliverable, sadly. But I really like the way the diecuts fit with the orange and black October look (yeah, I know the pussy willows are for spring, but I like it).

The second one features a copy of my own artwork. It’s based on the folklore that anything left in the field after October 31st belongs to the fairies.  Next to the decorated bag is a memdex I created, with my info inside, as it’s an envelope in the back. This one went to Thespa (Vintiquities on YouTube), and she seemed to like it. It won the challenge, and I received a great package of Target potion bottles and some other handmade Halloween goodies. It went to my wife’s address, so I haven’t had the chance to mess with it, sadly. lol

October has been difficult for me. Usually I absolutely LOVE the season, and Halloween and Samhain, but all I can think of is my mom and my Noosh, and I just wish I could go back at least to August and get a do-over on everything.

I intended to do an artsy challenge but this is pretty much all I did. I love how the fox came out. It has for me a sense of the cycle of life, and transformation, the idea of becoming something else. I’m really clinging to the idea that maybe I can use this feeling to transform through the grief. I don’t know. I just don’t want to keep feeling like this. It’s unbearable.

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