Fun with polymer clay

Here are a couple of the polymer clay gifts I made for Chels this year. First up is a Harry Potter Sorting Hat ornament. For this one I washed it with a bit of black acrylic paint to bring out the details:

Sorting Hat Ornament

Sorting Hat Ornament

I love how it came out. Sadly, no room for a tree here. Though if we did have one I’m afraid the kitties might pull it down. Little ruffians!

The next item was just supposed to be a couple figurines, but since there are babies it sort of looks like a weird nativity scene. LOL I guess that’s okay. It features the characters Saysh and Phrix, with their little naga babies Phillipos, Phaedros, Makarios and Phaedra. The little leafy nest started off more like a woodland basket but the plastic base I was using didn’t make it out alive. I picked out the good parts left and made the current nest instead. I think it’ll hold up.

Accidental Nativity Scene

Accidental Nativity Scene

They aren’t very detailed, but it was just meant to be a quick little fun thing to do.  The babies are removable.

What else have I been up to? Well, I’ve started collecting Calico Critters/Sylvanian Families. Chels got me some of the kittens for my dollhouse, and they’re so cute! From the box I’m creating a fireplace for my dollhouse. I have the base together and just have to give it a nice fieldstone finish with an egg carton technique I found. I’ll post progress photos for that once I get working on it some more.

Here are my kittens playing by the Christmas tree. I’m planning to do some decorating of my poor Dollarama tree. LOL We plan to rename the kittens eventually. Most of the furnishings here are from Dollarama or Goodwill. The case of wine, pie and art box at the foot of the easel came from eBay.

Calico Critters kittens

Calico Critters kittens playing

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