MORE Doctor Who happenin’

So I was lucky enough to get an extension for this Doctor Who swap, because AnnD is awesome. I had made my cards, happily covered my water dish for painting, and went to enjoy a hot bath. While I was in there, disaster struck. One of the cats (probably Parsa) knocked the water dish and the cards onto the floor. Two were completely ruined, one was salvageable, and the last was mostly acrylic and it survived. I was so disappointed. But I love the cards I ended up making, so I guess it’s okay.

Tardis CardsThe TARDIS explosion image from the Van Gough episode survived the flood, and the TARDIS in the clouds is the one I managed to salvage. It’s not as charming as I imagined it, sadly.


Dalek Serving Tea and BranniganAnd the last set are a TARDIS serving tea from the Winston Churchill episodes, and Brannigan of the catkind, who looks so dashing, I think. I’ll have to print myself a copy.┬áHonestly, these are my favourites. <3


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