Drawlloween Madness

Drawlloween prompts Drawlloween batch 1med Samhain2med spookycottage_DotDmedOn Facebook I saw this image with the daily prompts for Drawlloween. How could I resist? The idea is that each day in October, you do one of the prompts. At the end of the month you will have 31 spooky images to share, swap, whatever. I’ve been doing mine out of order, in batches. And to make it more practical, I also am using some of them specifically for swaps that I’m part of so as to consolidate my arting efforts–I just don’t have the time not to do that.

My ghost (top left) is a poultrygeist LOL, and then I did the bat (top right). Poultrygeist will go into the Halloween Domination: Thanksgiving swap. The bat went to a pocket letter.

Next I did a grave decorated to honour the beloved dead, and a witch gazing at the moon with her cat.

Those two and the next two are going to the Samhain swap.

Next is a black cat guarding the books of knowledge for its witch, and next to that is a Samhain altar decorated with symbols of the season. This is for the pumpkin prompt, but there is also a black candle, leaves and acorns, and a photo of one who has passed.

The last two are chunky pages for a chunky book swap. The first (left) is a haunted house based on the witch’s cottage in Penny Dreadful season 2. The second (right) is a Day of the Dead sugar skull for the skull prompt. The banner beneath says Forever Love in Spanish.

So that is 8 of 31. I have my Devil done but not scanned yet. Next up, I’m thinking the Dragon, and maybe some Christmas crossovers…

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