More Drawlloween–up to 22 now

I should have done another post in between, but we’ll catch up now. I’ve got 22 of the 31 images done for the Drawlloween challenge!

Drawlloween: devil, eyeball, vampire, zombieBatch 2: Devil (little kid costume for Trick or Treating); Eyeballs in a martini (for Halloween Domination: Thanksgiving); Vampire Santa and Zombie reindeer (both for Halloween Domination: Christmas). These ones are all ATCs going into swaps.



drawlloween: dragon, alienBatch 3 are chunkies for the swaps at iATCs. The dragon is for ‘things with wings,’ and Trance Gemini from the TV show Andromeda is for the Alien prompt, and fills the colourful lady chunky. I’m not thrilled with her, really, but people portraits aren’t my forte.

drawlloween: goblin, moon, werewolf, mummyBatch 4: Goblin and Murray the Mummy are both for the Halloween Domination swap, for pure Halloween this time. The Moon prompt includes a creaky old bony tree. And for the werewolf I HAD to do Winnie from Hotel Transylvania (Murray is from that movie as well). I’m keeping Winnie, because I love her and I can. I was tempted to do her dad, Wayne, because I just love his slumpy, defeated posture. He amuses me so.

The goblin just came to me. I had been planning to do David Bowie as the Goblin King in Labyrinth, but… here we are.


drawlloween: demon, rat, spider, skeletonBatch 5: A Demon (Succubus) for a pinup deco book–ugh, had to do so much double-purposing to make sure I get through all my obligations while doing the challenge! With her is my Rat in a Hallows stocking, going into the Halloween Domination: Christmas swap. I think he’s cute. A Spider on a Thanksgiving dinner for–you guessed it–Halloween Domination: Thanksgiving. And Jack Skellington to satisfy the Skeleton prompt. I feel compelled to mention that I really HATE spiders. They creep me right out, and I did NOT enjoy having to do that critter for this challenge at all. But it’s done and I can send it away, away, far away…

Whew! That was a big bunch of artwork. I’m nearing the end, though…


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