I won!

Today I got my prize pack in the mail from Deborah Blake, in celebration of her upcoming Cat Magic book! Look at all the fun she jammed into the envelope!

There’s a Witch’s colouring book, a notebook, a broom pen, a stuffed cat, lots of bookmarks, a rubber ducky that’s a calico cat (currently residing on my Bast shrine, because rubber duckies are our thing), and a copy of the cover of Everyday Magic, which I will probably make into another notebook. So cool!

What am I working on now?

So glad you asked! I haven’t made it to the thrift store yet to look for something suitable to cover the spines on the traveling Books of Shadows I’m making, so I’m piddling about with little extras inspired by various YouTube crafters. Currently I’m doing some tag page markers and little goodies like that. I’ll show them off when I have things done. 🙂

In Facebook I’ve been making a concerted effort to share stories of kindness and positivity, because I don’t know about you, but I know I need it.

I’m also forging ahead on my second volume of the Whimsical Cats colouring book in between all the rest. I find I really need to change up what I’m doing frequently to keep my sanity, but to focus on one project of each type so I don’t get completely sidetracked.

I’ve also been doing fairly steady editing jobs, which I’m enjoying a lot. I get to fix things! And that feels pretty good. 🙂

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