100 Days of Shenanigans

I need to get my butt in gear, so I decided that joining some challenges might help. Lately I’ve been dragging my ass about working on my art and writing, and I really want to get things launched. I let anxiety paralyze me too much, for too long, and financial fears can be helped by getting things out there. Build your assets, I reminded myself. Income streams, you know.

I first joined iATCs You’re So Fancy challenge, where we have to complete 5 images this week, so long as they’re detailed. Apparently these pass muster on the ‘fancy’ tag.

Then a friend was posting on Facebook about doing a 100 days challenge to make her things. Like the silly fool I am, I decided to push myself further. So I am going to try to do 100 Day of Arting–any kind or size of art, so long as I do it every day. So here are rough scans of images I’ve done for my next colouring book, Whimsical Cats vol. 2.

The first is a steampunk flying cat surrounded by hot air balloons over farmland.

The second is a trio of kittens attacking a teddy bear. In cold blood. LOL

The third is a kitty on a pier pawing at a fish. Those barnacles took a while to doodle in. Whew! But that post on the left is really crooked. Good thing no one’s really counting on it to hold up.

Anyhow, that’s the first 3 of 100. I started September 10th, 2018, and should be done before the end of the year. I’ll try to remember to update them on my blog here every few days so I have a personal record.



Edit 1: Here’s Thing 4, which is 4/100 days and 4 of the 5 fancy arts for iATCs… Drawing the roses was fun. I think maybe the cat needs some markings for interest, though. I’m not fond of the butterfly. Maybe I’ll redo that and paste it into the finished image after I clean it up. Meh.

Edit 2: And here is Thing 5, a mercat fishing with a branch and string, because of course she would do it that way. Duh. I’m not crazy about the water and feel like it needs some work. Maybe some clouds in the sky, but the rest is good for now, I think. I’m fond of doodly borders, even partial borders, as you can see. This is my final entry for the You’re so Fancy challenge! And 13/25 for the colouring book.

Edit 3: Day 6–I stamped a bajillion images for on stocking stuffers I’m making for my Etsy shop! I also cut most of them out and sorted them into themed packets so I can work on them more easily. I have a bunch of the bases ready to go too, just no finished products in hand yet.





Day 7: Stargazing, for the colouring book. This is 14/25 on that project.
I’m liking that I don’t have to do the colouring pages each day, but it is definitely a good push toward getting the book done! I might try to do some pencil sketches today so that days when I’m not feeling like drawing something new, I can just ink up one of those. We’ll see. I’m losing steam today because of physical crunchiness and allergies, but I do have coffee on hand. Sadly, the grocery store and Bulk Barn I was at last night had no pumpkin spice to buy, or I’d be adding it to the coffee. It satisfies my craving well enough that way.

8/100:  This is my mom’s bday gift so far. It’s a folder (4 pockets and an extra pocket between the folders) with handmade cards and envelopes. It ties shut with seam binding. The base is kraft cardstock, with designer paper on the front and back, and along the tops of the pockets.

I’m going to do some different holidays, but her bday’s in November so Christmas/winter first. I want to decorate the front a bit more still.


The cards you see are accented with cut out portions from pretty dies I have. The left is deer in a forest, and the right is evergreens in a circle with paper behind. I really like these two designs a lot. I’m not sure what the next ones will be yet, but I do have some pretty butterfly dies coming, which do cut outs of this sort. I might wait for those before doing the next set, if they arrive before the potential postal strike (insert large sad face here if that happens!).

Days 10 and 11! These bring the colouring book count to 16. Yay! I just totally had to do a photo bomb. In the actual image you can see the front cat’s eyes and part of the nose. lol Sometimes they don’t show in the thumbnail. This is what happens when I don’t want to do another aerial landscape to fill the bottom of the picture. I might have to do more photo bombs!



For the toboggan picture, I hate the snowflakes under the writing so I’m going to delete them when I do a proper scan and cleanup.


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