Days 12 to 20 of #100Days

Day 12: More cards for my mom’s gift, on the left. There are handmade envelopes behind the cards. The butterfly cutouts were made with a die.
On the right are some mini envelopes made with a new die that came in the mail today. I love happy mail! Those are for another project where I’m making sets of ephemera with different themes.

Day 13: sketched out 2 pages for the colouring book. Tomorrow I’ll be inking! Just too tired today to complete anything. One is a cat with a snowman, and the other is a page full of random cats with different accessories and details. That will be a lot of work to fill in!

Day 14: So I guess the image is technically tagged wrong as it’s for day 14, but it’s completed Thing 13. Oi. Maybe I’ll have to tag the next one a day up to allow for it and not confuse my days of the challenge.

Anyhow, I thought a kitty snuggling up to a snowman buddy might be cute, after I did the one tobogganing the other day. I was thinking of my cat, Parsa, when I drew this one. I could see her making friends with anyone, really.

Which reminds me of something I was imagining after I brought home Halloween decorations yesterday. I’ll need to sketch that one out later.

Day 15: Thing 14 is a wall o cats. It was fun coming up with different themes and accessories for these guys. I might do another one just to challenge myself on how many more ideas I can come up with! Or maybe I’ll lift ideas from this for more individual pages, like the one at the bottom with roses on her head makes me think of Frida Kahlo. A Frida cat would probably be popular.

So this one is image 18/25 for the colouring book. Heading down the backstretch! So within a week or so, the images could be ready for cleanup and layout for the book! I’m excited about that. I feel like I started strong with my colouring book series and then really dropped off for about a year. I want to build up my inventory so that it keeps rolling along more easily.

Day 16: Thing 15, the Frida cat inspired by the previous wall o cats. I think she’s pretty cute, personally. I need to fix her right eye when I do the proper scan, but otherwise I like how it came out.





Day 17: Sept 26th (to help me keep track) I made 2 sets of 2 gingerbread man cards. One is for my mom and one is for my mother in law. I probably won’t make the folder for the second set, just wrap them in ribbon and tissue, maybe.

I think they’re pretty cute. I’m glad I got the die set. Not so excited by having to colour in the face holes. I may just get around it by putting black paper behind it next time around.

I also did some sketching for the colouring book. One I like and one I hate. I don’t think it’s fixable, so I’ll just scrap it.

Day 18: Butterfly cards for my mom and my MIL. I love this die, and you get little butterfly confetti as leftovers! I’ve got a bunch of this type of die on my wish list now. I’m addicted, and they’re so easy to make beautiful cards. I used tie dye paper behind the front of the card to make the butterflies all pretty and stuff.


Day 19: Pagan ephemera pack, woodsy edition! I’ll probably add more things to this, like journal cards and such, but I made two sets that will be going in my Etsy shop eventually. It includes pockets and envelopes, tags, tuck spots, stuff like that. I’ve got lots more ideas to come. Can you tell I’m enjoying my die cut machine? LOL


Day 20: Christmas ephemera packs, again 2, and it includes similar things to the pagan packs, but with winter and Christmas themed papers and cutouts. I have some Christmas type stamps coming, so there will be more added to these soon enough! Hey look, there’s more of the gingerbread man! Men? Whatever. LOL

We’re at Sept 29th as of Day 20. On to the next post!

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