Days 21 to 30 of #100Days

Days 21, 22, and 25: Pagan ephemera folders, made with beautiful autumn papers! I don’t know which I like best, but I made a special trip to Michaels to look for this paper pad! I love it so hard! I think it’s called Autumn Dreams.

Anyhow… let’s take a peek inside the folders. They’re the full 12 x 12 page, with a 2.5″ pocket inside, and a bellyband for attaching paperclips and such up top on each side.

So I know it’s a bit hard to process what you’re looking at because there’s a lot. And I’m not even done yet! These are meant to be a basic BOS or journal embellishment kit, which you can expand on with the other packs I’m preparing too, like the woodsy pack in my previous post. There are journal cards that I tea dyed and stamped on, envelopes, tags and labels, paperclips, stickers, and various die cuts. It took days to do all this, but I love it. I kinda want to keep them for myself. LOL Still working on these, because I have so many ideas!

Day 23: I made circle tags today, which can be tuck spots, or attached to a paperclip. I haven’t decided yet. Need to distress the edges, I think. I bet you can tell these will be for more pagan packs.

Day 24: I got back to my writing today! 2600 words starting off my 3rd Lupercalia: Sanctuary book, called Black Dog. Working out the twists as I go. So happy to be writing!

Day 26: I did a whole bunch of stamping and fussy cutting today, in preparation for other projects! I’m planning to do some TNs with various fandom themes, and you can see some witchy journal cards in the mix too. I watched Final Girl while messing with this. Interesting.

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