Books for Deconstructing

I got some awesome books at a yard sale this past weekend. 2 have already been taken apart to create a lap book. HUUUUUGE lap book, it feels like. The spine I added is about 3″, and I’m working on a finger labyrinth for the front cover. I’m excited!

This will be a pagan lap book, with all sorts of interactive features. I’m really keen to work on it, but I’m trying to finish up what I have going, so that when I’ve got editing to do it won’t interfere with any swap deadlines and such. I’m currently doing a spell book swap on Facebook, which I’m really excited about. I found a group that does ‘alternative’ junk journals, and I love the darker themes.

Plus these books have great illustrations for doing botanical journals, should I be so inspired. Or, you know, birds. lol I used one of each so that if I want to refer to the herb book, I’d have one intact.

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