HUGE Lapbook In the Works

So I got started on my giant lapbook made with the books mentioned in my last post. I’m loving all the lapbooks I’ve seen online lately.

First I took out the pages, and then made a spine to connect the two books together in the middle so they fold out nicely. The spine is 3 inches across, and I reinforced all the spine hinges with Tyvek for strength over the long term.
On the front I pasted the labyrinth design I wanted to use, and traced it out with wool and glue to make it 3D. Over that I Mod Podged black tissue paper to keep everything in place. The idea is to smooth it out so that you can use it as a finger labyrinth when it’s done. There will be a lot of smoothing to do!

The entire book has been covered in tissue, and I’m working on a writing board and fold out envelope section for the far right side. I’ve installed the silk ribbons to tie in notebooks in travelers notebook style, and the ribbons to keep the whole thing closed.
I intend to have a usable Ouija board and Pendulum board inside, as well as a section for incense sticks, a pen, and other needful things. Basically, I’m hoping this will be useful as a take-along book of shadows or ritual workbook with places for all your basic gear and references or notes.

I’m loving it so far! More pictures to come as it progresses.

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